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Kenneth Pattengale works outside -or at least on the fringes- of what the music industrymight traditionally call its own in hope of following in the footsteps and sprit of his hero’sJoe Henry and Elvis Costello. Over the last eight years Pattengale has explored what itmeans to wear the differing hats of film composer, record producer and performingsongwriter.The music called into question exhibits traces of those hero’s and hopes to evoke TomWaits, Gillian Welch, Chris Smither and Loudon Wainwright--finding emotional experiencetransmuted to narrative as provenance for a unique American voice. Pattengale hopes thathis music will be hard to classify, that it will run the gamut from swamp music to rhythmand blues, lullaby to country and western, folk song to piano ballad. His songs takedirection from the stories they tell. They are not necessarily held together by a clearmusical style but by the authenticity with which the stories are told.Beginning with "Downtown LA" in 2001, Pattengale has to date released five full-lengthalbums of original material. He has just finished recording a new collection of materialentitled "Storied Places", the first to see a departure from Pattengale's own label Four SixProductions. The record is to be released on January 27, 2009 by Milan Records(Rykodisc/WEA distributed.)Pattengale spent 12 weeks at the beginning of 2007 writing and recording what wouldbecome the score for the German animated film "Die Drei Rauber" (produced by TomTykwer's production company X-Filme.) Shortly after he started to perform his ownmaterial for live audiences in Los Angeles. "I hadn't played live for almost four years. Iwas always scared of not having enough control over the performance environment, orlacking the textures only available in the studio. In many ways working on the film -beingcollaborative in nature- forced a re-evaluation. It made me yearn to make a connectionwith people beyond what the recordings alone have to offer." He continues to perform livesets of original material often in his native Los Angeles.In addition to countless short films, two features and five albums, Pattengale has producedrecords for a varied group of artists (from hardcore sensation From First to Last for majorlabel Interscope to rootsy Americana newcomers Matt Taylor and his Laurels forPattengale's own indie imprint.) It's the balance between the three arenas Pattengaleworks within that drives his career. He explains, "upon seeking advice from a hero ofmine, I was urged to simply do the work that lay in front of me. I've found a tremendouspersonal and emotional success in following that advice -putting myself in situations thatreward a hard work ethic and a healthy imagination but, above all, a commitment tohonesty in your work. "Pattengale is, as he puts it, a "ripe but withered twenty-six years old," holds a bachelor'sdegree in history from the University of Southern California and "fights [himself] for elbowroom among stacks of books, scraps, instruments & computers" in Los Angeles, California.
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