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A monk is a man like any other man, who loves life and seeks happiness. However, he does not always find it right away. He follows his quest in the world, in his heart, and is aware of others’ feelings: the beautiful and the less beautiful, laughter and tears; good and hard times; peace and anguish born from the awareness of sin and fault.

He allows everything to touch him to and welcomes it in his heart to look for coherence.

Until the moment he hears a voice talking to him, pointing out a direction to follow. This voice shines a light on what was, creates an aperture towards the future and invites him to not be afraid and to engage on the road to the unknown.

For the Carthusians, this Voice is Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, who invites him to come and to put his full faith into him. Next to him, he learns to unify everything in the Only One.

He is solitary, not isolated. He is a gatherer. During his long meditations at night, surrounded by the chant of the psalms and an attentive open ear to the Word of God, he brings, as much as possible, all things to himself: the wide range of human experiences and historical events, desires, and hopes that fill men’s hearts, in order to include all of it in the reconciliatory energy of the Cross of Christ.

He is himself subject to forgiveness. The Carthusians monk learns to forgive others and is therefore being taught compassion. He lives spiritually and welcomes in him all the Being to recreate it in its Origin that is also its End: God who can be called Father by all humanity through the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Because of his small but significant part, the Carthusian monk is a canal of life: a very thin artery that has the capacity to spread the spiritual energy of the divine grace all over the surface of the earth and even in the whole body of Creation.

Immense action of Grace!

October 22, 2006 A Carthusian

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