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This emotional album brings together pieces of music written for Christmas (known as Spanish as “Villlancicos”) by Latin-American composers from the Baroque era. Among these are the famous Cuban composer Esteban Salas (1725-1803) and Colombian composer Carlos patiño (1600-1675).

The Coro Exaudi de la Habana was founded by its director Maria Felicia Perez in 1987. Its prestige is great, not only in Cuba but in several other countries of the American continent and also in Europe, where it has received important prizes, placing it among the more eminent of professional chamber choirs.

Its members graduated from the Higher Institute of Art of La Havana and the National School of Music of Cuba, in such diverse departments as choral conducting, musicology, guitar or trumpet studies.

Maria Felicia Perez completed her studies in choral conducting at the Franz Liszt Music Academy at Weimar in 1980. She has been extraordinarily active in expanding the field of choral music in her country, as adviser and judge in numerous music festivals and international competitions. Since 1980, she has been Professor of Choral Conducting at the National Music School of Cuba and a board member of the Association of Cuban Choirs and of the Choir Festival of Santiago de Cuba, a place intimately identified with Esteban Salas.

1) Si Al Ver En El Oriente