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Following the success of The Glory Of Byzantium, Jade Music is releasing The Glory Of Byzantium: Christmas Hymns. The album features the Byzantine Choir Of Greece under the direction of Lycourgos Angelopoulos. Compositions on this recording were mostly written by composers of the 17th and 18th centuries; Petros Bereketis, Hourmouzios Hartofylax, Petros Lampadarios, and Petros Peloponnisios among others. These centuries belong to the most important when it comes to post-Byzantine art.

1/ Kontakion, Mode 3rd

2/ Three Hirmoi in the first Mode

3/ Doxastikon 4th Plagal Mode - Glory Be To The Father

4/ Kathisma, Sessional Hymn 4th Mode

5/ Canticles (Hirmoi) Of The 1st Canon

6/ Stichiron Idiomelon In 2nd Plagal Mode

7/ Stichiron Idiomelon In 2nd Mode And Verses Of The Great Doxology

8/ Communion Chant In 1st Mode

9/ Troparia In 2nd Plagal Mode

10/ Exapostilarion, 3rd Mode

11/ Doxastikon, 1st Plagal Mode

12/ Stichiron Idiomelon, 2nd Plagal Mode

13/ Apolytikion, 4th Mode

14/ Dismisall Hymn, 4th Mode Chromatic

15/ Hirmos Calophonique, 1st Mode

1) Kontakion