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The Dead Trees’ combination of alt-country, indie rock and unforgettable melodies is done in the best way – no fancy and slick production, just two guitars, background vocals here and there, killer drums and all round great performances. The band has been consistently playing shows around the country after relocating to Portland, OR including opening on a national tour for Albert Hammond Jr. They are now being represented by the management duo of Bryna Gootkind (Melissa Ferrick, Port O’Brien) and Ryan Gentles (The Strokes, Albert Hammond, Jr.).

The band began in Boston in 2006. They were longtime friends and had played around Boston in various configurations for years, but when they gathered in Dec ’06 to record some new songs of Michael’s, there were no grand plans to see through or deadlines to meet. They had an engineer friend and a couple hundred bucks and some notions about maybe making some back-to-basics rock ‘n roll. As Michael puts it, “these days, the only way forward is backward.” Luckily for everyone, that approach seemed to work just fine, and after two weeks in an Allston, MA basement, they had their Fort Music EP all wrapped up and, more importantly, were most definitely a band. Now, two short years later, The Dead Trees are preparing the release of their first full length record, King of Rosa, on Milan Records.