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Nothing's Forever (Not Even Goodbye) is the debut release by Aaron Beaumont. After touring the U.S. for two years in a variety of bands as well as his own solo performances, Aaron combines his furious piano, melodic vocals and mature and emotional songwriting to create a record that feels timeless and familiar while being unique at the same time.

LA Weekly:, "Maybe, just maybe, a new Elton John might be just what the doctor ordered, someone who can bring a new life to the ancient music-hall/pop piano-man tradition, with clear-headed songs of genuinely witty lyrical oomph and, most of all, a historically informed musical depth — all delivered with style, grace, wit and élan, of course. Your candidate for such a new contender might very well be one Aaron Beaumont",

Flavorpill LA:, “With flurries of Wurlitzer, glockenspiel, and reindeer bells layering Aaron Beaumont's tunes, the singer/songwriter seems to have popped out of a music box. In fact, Beaumont recently relocated from Nashville, bringing with him a folky aesthetic chock full of charm and whimsy. Tonight, Beaumont celebrates the release of his debut album, Nothing's Forever (Not Even Goodbye), on the local indie Milan Records. The record's highlights include piano-centric love songs "The Time Will Come," "The Park Bench Song," and "Julia," each laced with an almost anachronistic sincerity that makes Beaumont's tunes all the more irresistible.”

Guilt Free Pleasures: Artist to Watch in '09, "Aaron Beaumont has got it all - the talent, the voice, the looks, the wardrobe. He writes beautiful piano ballads and I can picture him rocketing to fame pretty swiftly, so listen to him now so that you can say "I knew him before he was famous."

1) Any Other Way