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28 HOTELS ROOMS is a raw and candid look at an intense sexual affair that escalates from a one-night stand into a profound relationship.Both traveling for work, in a city in which neither lives, a man (Chris Messina) and a woman (Marin Ireland) have a one-night stand.Months later, in another city, they run into each other in a hotel restaurant and sleep together a second time. Though she's married and he has a girlfriend, they decide to keep meeting. This begins an unexpected love that slowly evolves into a profound relationship and threatens to impact everything else in their lives. The film unfolds as a collage of moments -- some mundane, some profound, some silly,some intimate -- that attempts to tell a more complete story of a relationship.

The music is by Will Bates of the Brooklyn-based electronic band Fall On Your Sword. After releasing the soundtrack to Another Earth (M2-36546), this is the second time Milan Records works with FOYS. The duo has gained swift recognition as a rising force in the world of contemporary film scoring as well as recording/performing artists and viral video mavericks.

The album also includes the credit song “A Dash of Pixie Dust” by Kirk Ross and Lindsey Haun’s “Looking at You."

1. I'm Never Gonna Call You
2. Elevator
3. Fireworks
4. Between The Sheets
5. The Blowjob Chronicles
6. Running Through Hallways
7. Time-lapse Weekend
8. First Night
9. Over The City
10. Naked On the Balcony
11. Five Night Stand
12. Reconciliation
13. Look At You by Lindsey Haun
14. A Dash of Pixie Dust by Kirk Ross