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50 Essential Tangos is a one-of-a-kind collection of first-rate tangos consisting of recordings produced by the Argentinean label, Milan Sur. It includes a comprehensive collection of Argentinean Tango beginning with the mythical years of Carlos Gardel and evolving to the rebirth of “Nuevo Tango” with Astor Piazzolla, the eternal tango legend.

The collection continues on to classic post World War II compositions revisited by the Tango virtuosos of the last quarter of the 20th Century such as Richard Galliano and Nestor Marconi. It also includes some of the best tango vocalists such as Roberto Goyeneche, the unmistakable voice behind Piazzolla’s "Vuelvo Al Sur", Susana Rinaldi and many others.

The album concludes with the modern tango interpretations by Les Fleurs Noires (Black Flowers) who, by following the rich tradition of the Buenos Aires – Paris connection, renewed this unique musical genre.