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ALEX RIDER: OPERATION STORMBREAKERAlex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker is the story of schoolboy who realizes that, by encouraging his hobbies, his uncle has thoroughly prepared him for a career in espionage, and that he must use those skills to rescue Britain from destruction. The music includes a high energy hybrid orchestral-electronic score by Alan Parker, as well as exciting pop songs from a variety of popular artists including songs by Matt Willis, Colin MacIntyre, Transluzent, "Chinese Burn" by Curve, "Alright Alright" by Sahara Hotnights, and 2 songs by Rooster!

01 Blame by Transluzent
02 Uncle Ian Alan Parker
03 On The Road by Rooster
04 When The Doorbell Rings by Alan Parker
05 Bicycle Chase by Alan Parker
06 Chinese Burn by Curve
07 Breakers Yard Fight by Alan Parker
08 Over London by Alan Parker
09 Into the Lions Den by Alan Parker
10 Alright Alright by Sahara Hotnights
11 Kill Him by Alan Parker
12 Get Me Out of Here by Alan Parker
13 Science Museum by Alan Parker
14 Hey Kid by Matt Willis
15 At Salye Tower by Alan Paker
16 You Dont Belong To My World by Alan Paker
17 Good To Be Here by Rooster
18 Be My Saviour by Colin MacIntyre