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This album brings the chic vibe of Aubade's lingerie line to musical life with a mixture of traditional, hybrid and remixed tango music. Compiling legendary tango composers, performers and remixers, Aubade Tango Lessons pays tribute to tango's evolution with this seamless journey of one of the world's sexiest music genres.

01. El Tango (Astor Piazzolla / electronic mix by Hi Perspective)
02. Milongueo (Orquesta El Arranque)
03. Mi Corazon (Electronic remix by Campo)
04. Ventanita Florida (Roberto Goyeneche / Nestor Marconi)
05. Libertango (Astor Piazzolla / electronic mix by Hi Perspective)
06. El Viaje (Liliana Herrero / Nestor Marconi)
07. Sensuel (Ensemble PariÕs Tango / Richard Galliano)
08. Naranjo En Flor (Electronic mix by Campo)
09. Comme Il Faut (Horacio Salgan / Ubaldo de Lio)
10. Tus Besos Fueron Mios (Victoria Moran / Ensemble Vale tango)
11. Que Te Importa Que Te Llore (Orquesta El Arranque)
12. Adios Nonino (Electronic mix by Hi Perspective)
13. Tanguero Del Rey (Orquesta Esculea de Tango)
14. Caminito (Marcel Mastroianni / Nicola Piovani)
15. Veulvo Al Sur (Electronic mix by Koop)
16. Tango Tango (Astor