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This Academy Award nominated score has been digitally remastered, restoring the music to its original brilliant sound. The album also includes an exclusive interview with Mark Isham, who speaks about his collaboration with Robert Redford and his memories of this unique project.

01. A River Runs Through It
02. Casting Presbyterian Style
03. A Land Filled With Wonder
04. Down the Alley (With You)
05. A Summer of Lumber and Fishing
06. Shooting the Chutes
07. Three Fisherman
08. A Trip to the Unknown
09. A Four-Count Rhythm
10. The Sheik of Araby
11. Bye Bye Blackbird
12. Je Ne Sais Quois
13. Swing Me High, Swing Me Low
14. A Place Remembered
15. A Remark Was Past
16. Rugged Cross
17. Muskrat Ramble
18. Rawhide
19. The Wild Ride
20. Early Departure
21. The Splendor in the Grass
22. Jessie and Norman
23. Lolo's
24. The High Road
25. Yes, Quite A Day
26. A Fine Fisherman and the Blackfoot River
27. The Moment That Could Not Last
28. Too Deep For Tears
29. Without Complete Understanding
30. In the Half-Light of the Canyon
31. Haunted By Waters - A River Runs Through It (Reprise)
32. Bonus Track: Exclusive Interview with Mark Isham