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In this distinct release, Elmer Bernstein conducts the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra with some of his friend, Bernard Herrmann's most herald works including themes from Taxi Driver, Psycho, Citzen Kane, Fahrenheit 451, Vertigo, North by Northwest and more.

01. CITIZEN KANE (Welles): The Inquirer, Finale, End Cast,
02. THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER (Dieterle): The Devils Concerto
03. THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (Hitchcock): Cantata - The Storm Clouds
04. PSYCHO (Hitchcock): Suite Prelude, The Murder, Finale
05. THE WRONG MAN (Hitchcock): Prelude,
06. VERTIGO (Hitchcock): Love Scene
07. NORTH BY NORTHWEST (Hitchcock): Prelude
08. THE BRIDE WORE BLACK (Truffaut): A Musical Scenario, Prelude - Femme Fatale - The Accident - Love and Death - Funeral - Finale
09. FAHRENHEIT 451 (Truffaut): Finale
10. TAXI DRIVER (Scorsese): A Night Piece for Orchestra, Prelude - Blues - Night Prowl - Bloodbath - Finale
11. BERNARD HERRMANN ON FILM MUSIC (Recorded early 1970s)

1) Bernard Herrmann Interview