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Arturo Sandoval, often considered the best Cuban trumpet player, never accepted the music labels others tried to place upon him, labels which would have restrained his unique jazz style. Thus, in Sandoval's music one finds a rich diversity of repertoire: themes inspired as much by ballads and boleros as by danzons and sons. But ultimately, Sandoval's fundamental inspiration came from the vibrant Cuban music scene. This inspiration allowed him to fuse the best aspects of Cuban tradition and jazz. This album is more than a simple selection of Sandoval's most known and most representative songs. It is a testimony to his richness and creativity as an artist, to his timeless interpretations, and to the virtuosity of his improvisations

01. Luna de Miel en Guama
02. Maria
03. Reggae mi Lugar
04. A mi Manera (My Way)
05. Almendra
06. A Night in Tunisia
07. Red Moon
08. Blues in dos Partes