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Black Book tells the story of a Jewish woman, Rachel Steinn who joins the Hague resistance during WWII after the Germans murder her family. Composer Anne Dudley is an English musician, composer, arranger and producer. Her scores include The Crying Game, Buster, Pushing Tin and many others. She won an Oscar in 1998 for her score to The Full Monty. Black Book’s soundtrack consists of Anne Dudley’s beautiful, diverse and emotional score mixed with period jazz and pop.

01 A hundred years from today - Carice Van Houten
02 Ich bin die fesche Lola (live) - Carice Van Houten
03 Ja, das ist meine melodie - Carice Van Houten
04 Ich tanze mit dir in der Himmel hinein - Carice Van Houten
05 Rachel¹s theme - Anne Dudley
06 The black book - Anne Dudley
07 Escape through the marshes - Anne Dudley
08 In pursuit - Anne Dudley
09 Rachel¹s plan - Anne Dudley
10 In too deep - Anne Dudley
11 Shot at dawn - Anne Dudley
12 Sleeping with the enemy - Anne Dudley
13 Escape plans - Anne Dudley
14 The insider - Anne Dudley
15 Falling into the trap - Anne Dudley
16 Confessions of the night - Anne Dudley
17 Escape by sea - Anne Dudley
18 A hero of the Resistance - Anne Dudley
19 Intelligence gathering - Anne Dudley
20 Rumours of liberation - Anne Dudley
21 Victims of the occupation - Anne Dudley
22 Rachel¹s retribution - Anne Dudley
23 The endless river - Anne Dudley