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Based on the fairytale Snow White, the story is set in romanticized 1920s Andalusia. Blancanieves just won 10 Goya Awards, the Spanish equivalent to the Academy Award including Best Original Score and Best Original Song for No Te Puedo Encontrar. Alfonso de Vilallonga composed the evocative music for the film, which was released by Cohen Media Group on March 29, 2013. Expanding nationwide in the coming weeks.

1. Father and Daughter
2. Admission One
3. Monumental
4. Birth and Death
5. Where is Carmen?
6. Press Conference
7. Zapateando
8. No Te Puedo Encontrar
Buy MP3 9. Monteolvido
10. The Hardest Jobs
11. Father and Daughter (Reprise)
12. Portrait
13. De Reina, Na
14. Macabre Photos
15. Persecution Stepmother
16. The Six Dwarfs
17. Jesusin's Paso Doble
18. Cirquito
19. Posters
20. Eye of the Ox
21. Readings
22. Chofer Kaputt
23. Arena Juan Gomez
24. Blancanieves
25. Apotheosis and Pardon
26. The Apple
27. The Fair
28. End Titles
29. Communion