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In Brazil, Michael Kamen achieves what few composers in any medium have done: fuse a stunning variety of forms (ranging from symphonic to jazz to 30's pop), stuff them with allusions (everything from Maurice Ravel to Woody Woodpecker) - and make the final result as gloriously, giddily romantic as it is heartbreaking. With Brazil, Michael Kamen has created one of the greatest dreamscapes in music. Bonus Material: exclusive interview with Terry Gilliam, discussing Brazil's music, his role as the film’s director and his perspective on film music today.

01. Central Services / The Office
02. Sam Lowry's 1st Dream / "Brazil"
03. Ducts
04. Waiting For Daddy / Sam Lowry's Wetter Dream "The Monoliths Erupt"
05. Truck Drive
06. The Restaurant (You've Got to Say the Number)
07. Mr Helpmann
08. The Elevator
09. Jill Brazil / Power Station
10. The Party (part I) / Plastic Surgery
11. Ducting Dream
12. Brazil Geoff Muldaur
13. Days & Nights In Kyoto The Party (Part II)
14. The Morning After
15. Escape?
16. The Battle
17. Harry Tuttle "A Man Consumed By Paperwork"
18. Mothers Funeral / Forces of Darkness
19. Escape! No Escape!
20. Bachianos Brazil Samba
BONUS TRACK: Terry Gilliam Exclusive Interview