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DAWN OF THE DEAD is the 2004 directorial debut by Zack Snyder (300,Watchmen, Sucker Punch, Superman: Man of Steel). It is a remake of George A. Romero's 1978 film of the same name.

One of the few zombie films to make over hundred million dollars at the international box office, Dawn of The Dead introduced movie fans to two new talents: its director, Zack Snyder and its composer Tyler Bates. Coming from the rock scene of Chicago, Tyler Bates has established himself as one of the leading composer in Hollywood scoring films such as 300, Watchmen, Rob Zombie's Halloweens,Sucker Punch, The Way, Californication and many, many more.

This is the first time that Tyler Bates' music to Dawn of The Dead is made available to the public. This first release of the soundtrack features the entire score composed by the composer.

1 Brainscan
2 Hell On Earth
3 Gunman
4 Anna Drives
5  We're Going To The Mall
6 Scoping Out Metropolis
7 Michael Investigates
8 Zombie Spike
9 We Need To Suture That Arm
10 Don't Give Him That Gun!
11 America Always Sorts Its Shit Out
12 Ben Cozine
13 Maybe They're Coming For Us
14 How Will Your God Judge You
15 Shut Your Fucking Mouth
16 Truck Over Zombies
17 Blood Bath City
18 Bloated She Rises
19 It's Only A Matter Of Time
20 Breathe
21 That Dog's Just Fucked Up
22 Luda's Transformation
23 You Wanna Kill My Family
24 We Have To Do Something Now
25 I'm Not A Plumber
26 Subteranean Sewer Attack
27 Hangman's song
28 Sailing The Sea Of Zombies
29 Chainsaw To The Breastbone
30 Fucking Figures
31 Enjoy The Sunrise