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The Showtime Original Series continues with the DVD and soundtrack release of Season 5. This time America's favorite serial killer is dealing with the heartbreaking loss of his wife. He must also cope with the hectic aftermath: taking care of his infant son, breaking the news to Rita's kids, avoiding suspicion from the authorities that he killed his wife. As a follow up to the Dexter Season 4 soundtrack, this latest installment in the Dexter series features the best music of Season 5.

Again, fans will have the chance to listen to the unique score by Daniel Licht and an exciting selection of the best Latin songs used during the season.

1. Rolfe Kent "Dexter Main Theme"
2. Bomba Estereo "Fuego"
3. Patata "San Francisco Tiene Su Propio Son"
4. Cuban All Star Band "Chan Chan"
5. Malo "Suavecito"
6. Los Iracundos "Moritat" (Mack the Knife)
7. Beny More "Conoci La Paz"
8. Latin Bitman "I Wanna Wake You Up"
9. Amicklar E Chocolate "Som De Preto"
10-27. Score by Daniel Licht
27 Jon Licht "Amor Mas Mas Loco"