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The Weinstein Company’s new CGI Animation film Doogal is a fun-filled adventure tale in which the candy-loving mutt Doogal and his friends Dylan, Brian, and Ermintrude embark on an epic adventure to save the world. The soundtrack consists of 11 pop songs, 4 of which were written specially for the film including “The Magic Roundabout” sung by Kylie Minogue, a rockabillyesque “Spinning,” as well as other upbeat selections, and a cover of “You Really Got Me.” Additional songs include “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies and “Magic” by Pilot. Rounding off the experience is a quaint score by composer Mark Thomas whose specialty is children’s film music.

01 Main Titles -- Mark Thomas
02 The Magic Roundabout - featuring Kylie Minogue; additional performers Andrea Remanda and Goldust
03 Meet Doogal -- James L. Venable
04 Magic -- Pilot
05 You Really Got Me - Bill Nighy and Catherine Bott
06 Doogal the Mechanic - James L. Venable and Danail Getz
07 Zeebad Escapes -- Mark Thomas
08 Sam Marches -- John M. Davis
09 The Magic Roundabout - Andrea Remanda and Goldust
10 Meet Zeebad -- James L. Venable
11 Setting Up Camp -- Mark Thomas
12 Spinning - Andrea Remanda and Goldust
13 Duel Of The Springs 2 - Mark Thomas
14 Simply Wonderful - Andrea Remanda and Goldust
15 The What-a-Snails Waltz - Mark Thomas
16 Zeebad Threatens - James L. Venable
17 Train1s Back -- Mark Thomas
18 Lost In The Cold -- Mark Thomas
19 See The City -- Mark Thomas
20 The Frozen City -- Mark Thomas
21 Frozen Florence -- John M. Davis
22 The End Of Zeebad - Mark Thomas
23 Florence Awakes - Mark Thomas
24 Sugar Sugar -- The Archies
Bonus Tracks:
25 I Love To Boogie -- T.Rex
26 Lean Mean Fighting Machine - Andrea Remanda and Goldust
27 Believe Yourself - Andrea Remanda and Goldust
28 Bust This Joint - Andrea Remanda and Goldust