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ENNIO MORRICONE - FILM MUSICThis CD is a magnificent platform for the best film scores orchestrated and conducted in concert style by Ennio Morricone. One of 4 CDs located in the Morricone IO box set release, this record showcases music composed, arranged and conducted by Morricone. It consists of the most beautiful themes take from some of his many scored, performed with reductions and orchestrations written by the Maestro himself for various music ensembles, from duets to quartests to stringed orchestras.

01 Once upon a time in the West
02 The Mission (GabrielÕs theme)
03 Once upon a time in America Il Žtait une fois en AmŽrique (DeborahÕs theme)
04 LÕereditˆ Ferramonti LÕHŽritage
05 Metti, una sera a cena Disons, Un Soir ˆ D”ner (2nd theme)
06 Il Maestro e Margherita Le Ma”tre et Marguerite
07 Il Prato Le PrŽ
08 Lolita
09 Rampage Le Sang du Ch‰timent
10 Romanza
11 Mos Mo•se
12 Per le antiche scale Vertiges
13 Cinema Paradiso
14 Il deserto dei Tartari Le DŽsert des Tartares
15 Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto Enqute sur un citoyen au-dessus de tout soupon
16 Gott mit uns A lÕAube du cinquime Jour