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THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES (2010 Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film) -- The evocative soundtrack, scored by EMILIO KAUDERER and FEDERICO JUSID, creates a powerful combination of music and visual elements. It captures the tension and romance of this richly layered film. The soundtrack was recorded with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra and won several awards, among them for Best Original Score at the Argentinean Academy Awards.

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RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE -- Producing duo TOMANDANDY delivers an enthralling electronic score capturing the energy and vigor of the film.

"At every turn, the director Paul W. S. Anderson encouraged us to avoid cliché. He had little interest in traditional orchestral colors, encouraging us instead to explore the edges of noise and modern sound synthesis.” Tomandandy

MICMACS -- Jean-Pierre Jeunet's satire on the weapons' trade is highly musical and features a quirky and unique gypsy jazz score by French composer RAPHAEL BEAU and beautiful score cues by iconic Hollywood composer Max Steiner.

"Rarely has slipping a director a demo in a restaurant paid off so well." Daniel Schweiger

1) Her Eyes The Secret in their Eyes
2) Tokyo Resident Evil Afterlife
3) Diabolique Micmacs