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The film's music is composed by the singer Kristin Asbjørnsen. She performs the music together with her band Dadafon, plus Tord Gustavsen, Jarle Bernhoft and Yvind Brandtsegg among others. Kristin is one of the leading singers in the Scandinavian jazz scene. Layered over Asbjørnsen's magical, sad and poignant music, she performs two poems by Bukowski: "Slow day" and "I wish to weep." The soundtrack also contains two more songs based on poems by Bukowski: "My Garden" and "If you're going to try". The poems are taken from the book "What matters most is how well you walk through the fire".01 On the Bus
02 Reunion
03 I Wish to Weep
04 Farewell I
05 Slow Day
06 Ice Plant Overture
07 Pickles
08 Still Awake
09 Quirky Waltz
10 Dreamland II
11 Slow Day Fragments
12 My Garden
13 In the Kitchen
14 Beside You
15 Drunk Driving
16 Remembering
17 Shoes
18 If You’re Going to Try
19 Horse Race Groove
20 Farewell II
21 Slow Day (Lost Love Chords version)
1) If Youre Going To Try
2) Slow Day