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In a military world where no one asks and no one tells, the daughter of a popular General is brutally murdered and a maverick Army investigator (John Travolta) finds himself immersed in a widespread scandal where everyone is a suspect. The General’s Daughter features music, which enhances the drama and complements the military environment without relying on typical snare drum and bugle cliches. The soundtrack album features the unforgettable Library of Congress re-mixes along with the original motion picture score composed by Carter Burwell.

01. She Began To Lie
02. Mighty Good Road
03. Rachel Rocket
04. Gonna Rise and Fly
05. Exercise In Darkness
06. Epiphytic Shuffle
07. The Body
08. West Point
09. The General's Story
10. Congratulations
11. Footprints
12. The Tape?
13. The Conspiracy
14. Kent's Story
15. The Hurt Locker
17. The General's End
18. O Fortuna
19. All Through The Night
20. She Began To Lie (Re-mix)