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I ORIGINS is the new science action film by writer/director MIKECAHILL who gained great attention with "Another Earth", his previousfilm. I ORIGINS tells the story of Dr. Ian Gray (Michael Pitt), amolecular biologist studying the evolution of the eye. He finds his workpermeating his life after a brief encounter with an exotic young womanwho slips away from him. As his research continues years later withhis lab partner and wife Karen (Brit Marling), they make a stunningscientific discovery that has far reaching implications andcomplicates both their scientific and spiritual beliefs.

Electronic music plays an important role in the film. Mike Cahillreunites with composers WILL BATES and PHIL MOSSMAN – whowrote and produced the score to "Another Earth" under the name Fall OnYour Sword. The score features wonderful compositionsranging from mid tempo tunes to ethereal and atmosphericsequences. The soundtrack also features “Motion PictureSoundtrack” by Radiohead and the evocative and poetic “Dust It Off”by The Dø.