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Translating La Perla's sexy appeal - and apparel - the music of La Perla Noir combines gentle down-tempo sounds, world music, piano, vocals, smooth up-tempo pieces, orchestral movements and more. Written by Italian DJ and composer, Danilo Venturi, Noir is a CD of original 'musical short films' - music to lead one on a journey through all that is La Perla. This CD serves to continue and enhance the mood and emotion of the premier La Perla brand and the sexy fashion world it has created.

> 01. Inverno a Capri
02. Caramel
03. Toi et Moi
04. Jazz Set
05. Tie Me
06. Ciel Bleu
07. Late Night Rendez-Vous
08. Romance Vocoder
09. Tango Nada
10. Natural Diva
11. Atelier - Wayne Coleman Remix
12. Sottovoce