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After the phenomenal success of the ultra hip and chic club Man Ray in Paris, the excitement has spread to the U.S. where Man Ray is scheduled to open in New York this Spring. Filled with music from some of the most famous DJ's in Paris, the CD is an eclectic compilation of electronic, ambient, acid jazz and dance music that you'll want to listen to over and over again.

1. Dampfschiff (Dzihan & Kamien)
2. Letting Go (Nitin Sawhney)
3. Slip Into Something More Comfortable (Kinobe)
4. Seasonal Bounty (Smooth '94) (Sven Van Hees)
5. Droplets (The Amalgamation of Soundz)
6. Superheroes (Esthero)
7. Path Of the Blazing Sarong (Bill ''Ravi'' Harris & The Prophets)
8. Brazilikum (Butti '49)
9. Cuica Laranja Azeda (Sour Orange Cuica) (Azymuth)
10. When I'm With You (Georg Levin)
11. A Tune For Jack (Lemon Jelly)
12. Latin Stroll (Universal Principles)
13. Cleopatra In New York (Nickodemus)
14. Taj' (Buscemi)
15. Ramiro's Theme (Buscemi)