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This album of recordings has been meticulously converted from Scott Joplin's original piano rolls, recorded digitally and restored with absolute brilliance and tasteful revival. He had produced a great number of perforated rolls that up until recently could only be played on a mechanical piano. Now, thanks to technology and the work of Jean-Claude Vartanian, we can access his work without the imperfections of a mechanical piano. Finally Joplin's work can be listened to and enjoyed exactly the way he wrote it.

01. The Entertainer
02. Maple Leaf Rag
03. Original Rags
04. Pleasant Moments
05. Shoptime Rag
06. The Chrysanthemum
07. Heliotrope Bouquet
08. Wall Street Rag
09. The Ragtime Dance
10. The Cascades
11. Solace
12. Bethena
13. The Easy Winners
14. Weeping Willow
15. Pine Apple Rag
16. Fig Leaf Rag
17. Scott Joplin’s New Rag
18. Sugar Cane
19. The Strenuous Life
20. Felicity Rag