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Album released on July 12, 2011.

By turns funny, strange, and disturbing, TABLOID, Errol Morris' new documentary film, is a vivid portrayal of a phenomenally driven woman whose romantic obsessions and delusions catapult her over the edge into scandal sheet notoriety and an unimaginable life.

The music, which plays a key role in the fillm, was composed by John Kusiak. Kusiak has scored hundreds of projects, including television documentaries (HBO, PBS, IFC and Sundance), large-screen exhibitions (Yellowstone National Park and the Smithsonian) and feature films (Tabloid, Secrecy, The Singing Revolution and additional music for the The Fog of War, winner of an Academy Award for best documentary in 2004).

In Errol Morris' own words, "Tabloid is a difficult job for a composer, because the movie balances so many contradictory themes and images. It runs from the sublime to the ridiculous. From the tawdry to the tragic. How do you evoke such a range of emotions and ideas? John Kusiak has been able to achieve the seemingly impossible: Balance disparate elements and yet create a hauntingly beautiful score that highlights Joyce McKinney and her pursuit of love."

1. Open
2. Special Guy
3. Pageants
4. Rescue Mission
5. Rescue Two
6. Kidnapped
7. Sacred Underwear
8. Taboo
9. The Court
10. Sects
11. Sacred Knowledge
12. Released
13. The Premier
14. Out of Control
15. Two Souls
16. May 22, 1978
17. Bleak Future
18. Spirit Booger
19. Dr Hong
20. Close
21. Credits

1) Pageants
2) May 22 1978