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On listening to these recordings of Los Van Van, the listener can feel all the attention paid to tone, harmony, and rhythm, which are at center of Juan Formell's work, the leader of Los Van Van. Milan Music has carefully chosen the pieces that make up this compilation with the greatest of care, allowing the listener to appreciate the very personal style of this composer. He expresses himself by using various instrumentations, as well as the specific sound of his orchestra which is both unique and diverse, both traditional and experimental. This sound has probably come the closest to capturing the essence of the Cuban people.

01. La Bola de Humo
02. Tu decisión Cúale es
03. Solo Hay un Van Van
04. Hoy se Cumplen seis Semanas
05. El Baile del Buey Cansao
06. Recaditos No
07. Qué Palo es ese
08. Tranquilo Mota
09. Y Qué tu Crees
10. La Titimanía
11. Bailando Mojao
12. Nosotros los del Caribe
13. Deja la Bobería
14. Eso que Anda