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"A film that's compelling and likable, right up to its surprising conclusion when everything comes together."
- Amélie Emenault, EXCESSIF

Families are complicated… Especially when Eli, the father, who's about to be 60, is expecting a baby with his new wife. Upon hearing this news, his two grown daughters, Dom, who is trying to adopt, and Justine, who flits from one boyfriend to the next, are shocked. To get closer to Justine, whom he has never gotten along with, Eli has the bright idea of making friends with all of her exes... without her knowledge. But when Justine falls in love again and Eli is about to ruin everything, this family is on the verge of falling apart. Will they all be able to make peace before it's too late?

Nathan Johnson composed the music to this delightful comedy. His score remarkably underlines the quirky and hilarious situation Eli and his daughters find themselves in. Soundtrack album also includes tunes by Faux Fix, Regina Spektor, Nina Simone & Hal Mooney, FEADZ and Cat Stevens.

1. Suddenly Nathan Johnson
2. Out For The Count Faux Fix
3. On The Radio Regina Spektor
4. Feeling Good Nina Simone & Hal Mooney
5. Smoking Unit FEADZ
6. A Lost Soul Nathan Johnson
7. Atom's Club Nathan Johnson
8. X-Raying Sami Nathan Johnson
9. Adoptees Nathan Johnson
10. 5 Months Nathan Johnson
11. Dom & Eli Nathan Johnson
12. Justine & Sami Nathan Johnson
13. K-Raying Eli Nathan Johnson
14. The Lost Muse Nathan Johnson
15. Eli's Secret Nathan Johnson
16. Hospital Beds Nathan Johnson
17. A Final Farewell Nathan Johnson
18. 9 Months Nathan Johnson
19. Postcards & X-Rays Nathan Johnson
20. Wild World Cat Steven