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Released by Milan Records November 20, 2007, The Devil Makes Three's self-titled debut CD has been digitally re-mastered and re-packaged. In addition to the contents of the original album, this new version includes four exclusive live and demo songs from the 2002 era when the original album was recorded. Describing The Devil Makes Three music proves to be as difficult as describing their fans, who range from hippies to hipsters, punk rockers to bikers, and pretty much everything in between.“We were raised on punk, rock and roll and the blues, which is all about heart. Acoustic music is at the root of all of that, and that’s what we play,” explains Pete Bernhard. The Devil Makes Three has poured tremendous effort into their live performance and have developed a strong, devoted following. While the trio’s recorded CDs highlight melody, emotion and thoughtful lyrics, their live performances turn up the tempo and energy. Shows typically hover around the two-hour mark, and create an all-out, raucous dance party vibe."...not as polka-folk-psychedelic as anticipated, rather using elements of a grandiose orchestral experience and coupling it with acoustic guitar to produce a precise and melodic sound."SF Weekly"The Devil Makes Three doesn't have a drummer, but the band doesn't need one..... a sound that combines bluegrass, old-time music, folk, rockabilly, and Piedmont blues and ragtime, all played with a blazing punk-rock attitude."LA Examiner"Although they're an acoustic outfit, their adrenaline-fueled mélange of ragtime, folk, blues and primitive country has won them fans of all ages from grandparents to grandkids." FlavorpillLike the Violent Femmes before them, Santa Cruz's the Devil Makes Three infuse their country-bluegrass swing with a raucous punk spirit....Devil Makes Three are a rare breed: wild traditionalists."

1. The Plank
2. Graveyard
3. Beneath the Piano
4. Ten Feet Tall
5. Shades
6. Old Number Seven
7. Chained to the Couch
8. To the Hilt
9. The Bullet
10. For My Family
11. Dynamite
12. Dirty Business
13. Fun Has Just Begun
14. Oceans Cold

1) 06OldNumberSeven
2) 10ForMyFamily