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FROM SAIGON TO HANOI takes the listener on a journey through Vietnam, introducing us to the most beautiful popular music characteristic of the three regions - the music of North, Central, and South Vietnam. These songs express the emotions and intensities of Vietnamese life.

01. Trong Com (Rice Drum)
02. Qua Cau Gio Bay (My Vest Was Swept Away By The Wind When I Crossed The Bridge)
03. Ba Rang - Ba Ri (Reproach Against A Procuress)
04. Nguoi Oi Nguoi O Dung Ve (Stay A Little More, Don't Leave)
05. Ly Tinh Tang
06. Ly Giao Duyen (Song Of A First Encounter)
07. Chau Van (Song Of The Rites Of Incantation Of Mediums)
08. Vi Dam (Song Of Love)
09. Muoi Thuong (Ten Years Of Love)
10. Ly Con Qua (Song Of The Crow)
11. Ru Con Nam Bo (Lullaby In The Manner Of The South)
12. Ly Ngua O (Song Of The Black Horse)