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We're All Going to the World's Fair - Soundtrack Cover

Alex G shares “Main Theme” from We’re All Going to the World’s Fair Soundtrack

Following lead single “End Song” released this past month, today Alex G has released a new song from his forthcoming soundtrack to Jane Schoenbrun’s new indie thriller We’re All Going to the World’s Fair, opening in theaters next Friday. Pitch-shifted and mysterious, “Main Theme” serves as the film’s opening track, playing over sequences of ubiquitous strip malls and empty parking lots of the northeast United States as the film’s opening credits appear.

Of the track, Schoenbrun says, “I love horror films, but it was also important to me that my film feel more than just scary. I wanted it to feel gentle, sad, personal, and homemade: the kind of ‘horror’ movie that might make you cry. When Alex’s gorgeous, emotive ‘Main Theme’ enters during our opening credits (and then recurs in mutated forms throughout the movie), it’s meant as a signal to the audience of exactly this ambition.”

Listen below ahead of next Friday’s full soundtrack release:

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