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Richard Reed Parry - Composer Spotlight

Composer Spotlight: Richard Reed Parry

In this month’s edition of our Composer Spotlight series, Richard Reed Parry (composer of The Nest and Arcade Fire band member) curated a calm, quiet and beautiful selection of music perfect for our times.

Of the playlist, Richard says:

These are all pieces of music that to my ears have a quality to them that somehow makes me feel immersed, like no matter how sparse or delicate they are, I can immediately feel like I’m enveloped inside of each piece, almost from the moment they begin. What exactly makes a piece of music feel that way to me I’m not entirely sure, but it’s definitely something I search for in the music I listen to, and something I always aspire to with my own music. I find each of these pieces to be inspiring. Some of them are pieces I turn to time and time again when I lose my own way while writing. Some have particular qualities to the composition, some it’s the musical performance, and some it’s aspects of the recording itself, and how the sound is treated. But each of these have inspired me at some point or another, and therefore have informed my own work in some way, as I’m someone who picks up musical inspiration wherever I find it, and try and somehow incorporate each and every one of those influences into what I do.

Listen to Richard’s playlist below, and follow the playlist here for monthly updates!

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