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EVANGELION-VOX Music By Shiro Sagisu & Various Artists

Available for the first time ever outside of Japan, EVANGELION-VOX features twenty Evangelion-inspired hip-hop/R&B tracks & remixes produced and recorded by Evangelion composer Shiro SAGISU following the 1997 release of The End of EvangelionA hidden gem from the late ’90s-era, the album puts a new spin on several main themes from SAGISU’s Evangelion soundtracks, featuring added beats, rearrangements and spoken word interludes, as well as character voice samples from 1995 series and 1997 movie.

The album features performances by the several UK-based artists, including rapper MALI,LOREN&MASH (best known for their performance of The End of Evangelion’s end credits song “THANATOS -IF I CAN’T BE YOURS-”), British lovers rock singer Carroll Thompson, singer/songwriter Camelle Hinds (of the British soul group Central Line), and the album’s mysterious MC, who simply goes by “The Lord.”

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