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Found Cover Art

Found (Soundtrack from the Netflix Series) Music By Toby Chu

Netflix‘s new documentary film, Found focuses on three American teenage girls, all adopted from China, who discover from 23andMe they are actually blood-related cousins. Directed by Amanda Lipitz, Found follows Chloe, Lily, and Sadie as they confront the burning questions they have about their past. 

Composer Toby Chu‘s moving original score features “Mystery of Me,” an original vocal track performed by  GRAMMY Award®-winning singer and actress Phillipa Soo and singer-songwriter MILCK.

Written by MILCK in collaboration with songwriter Simon Wilcox, “Mystery of Me” features Soo’s soaring vocals and is the lead track of the film. Echoing the courage at the heart of the main characters’ search for belonging, “Mystery of Me” is a fitting theme song for the film’s powerfully uplifting narrative.

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