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Guitar Noir Music By The Aqua Velvets

On their stunning new instrumental guitar masterpiece, Guitar Noir, San Francisco’s Aqua Velvets combine their now signature sound with a variety of musical nuances influenced by some of their favorite film music composers of the ’50s and ’60s to create a new body of work that continues to explore and shape the sound of modern instrumental music. The perfect soundtrack for a ’90s film noir, the rhythmically seductive Guitar Noir sets the scene for smoky nightclubs, private detectives, secret rendezvous, mysterious mambos and late evening escapades on the foggy backstreets of North Beach. Part Jack Kerouac and part Dashiel Hamett, Guitar Noir captures the intrigue and moods of one of the world’s most enchanting cities, San Francisco. Songs like “Subterranea,” “Mysterious Mambo,” “Venetian Silhouettes,” “Slow Dance With A Fast Girl,” “Moodswing Sonata,” “Mermaids After Midnight” and “Twilight Of The Hep Cats” transport the listener into a romantic, exotic netherworld rich with excitement and fantasy.

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