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Arcade Fire HER Final Cover

Her Music By Arcade Fire & Owen Pallett

More than 7 years after its theatrical release, Spike Jonze‘s Her has clearly established itself as a cinematic classic. The romance set in a near-futuristic Los Angeles between Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) and the operating system Samantha (Scarlett Johansson) has moved people around the world.

The gorgeous score by Arcade Fire and Owen Pallett (nominated for Best Original Score at the Academy Awards ) is loved by music and film fans. But it was never made officially available….until now.

For the first time the official score to her is available on vinyl, cassette and digital.

Of the soundtrack’s release, Arcade Fire’s Win Butler says, “It was an honor to be asked by our friend Spike Jonze to work on the Her score.  There is a mysterious alchemy in the way sound and picture work together, notes and moods shifting and reacting to one another like a kaleidoscope… And even in the absence of visuals, the emotional landscape still remains.  We hope you have a moment of stillness to get lost in the music as we did writing and recording it.” 

The band had been talking about this ongoing soundtrack project with Spike for about a year before they asked me to come in to help wrap things up,” adds Owen Pallett. “It seemed as if the soundtrack had originally planned to connect with the sci-fi aspects of the story, but Spike was urging a shift toward the score emphasizing the romantic element.”

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