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Manchester By The Sea Music By Lesley Barber

Lesley Barber’s score a perfect complement, never leading, always emotionally powerful” – Variety

From its triumphant premiere at the Sundance Film Festival through screenings in Telluride and Toronto, Manchester by the Sea has received raves from fans and critics alike. Casey Affleck delivers a stunning, Oscar-worthy performances as Lee Chandler, a brooding, short-tempered loner working as a handyman in Boston. Lee is taken away from his gloomy existence when his brother’s death compels him to return to his hometown and reluctantly take custody of his 16 year old nephew. Slowly, simply, and expertly the story unravels the source of Lee’s pain, and the reasons why his homecoming is so incredibly difficult.

The beautiful score to this film reveals itself in the same simple yet affecting manner as the story itself. A 2016 AMPAS initiate, Composer Lesley Barber is well known for her work in film (Mansfield Park, Hysterical Blindness, A Price Above Rubies, When Night Is Falling, as well as Lonergan’s You Can Count on Me), theater, chamber and orchestral ensembles. In Manchester by the Sea, Ms. Barber employs expertly harmonized vocal performances and subtle, atmospheric orchestral work that provide a worthy accompaniment to the incredible performances by Affleck, Michelle Williams, Kyle Chandler and young discovery Lucas Hedges. Her original score is perfectly complemented by a selection of classical pieces curated by Kenneth Lonergan himself.

The Original Soundtrack album will be available on November 18, 2016 via Milan Records. Amazon Studios and Roadside Attractions are releasing the film theatrically on that same day.

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