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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter Music By Paul Haslinger

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is the sixth and final movie in the smash hit Resident Evil series. Directed by Paul W.S. Anderson and starring Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element), Resident Evil: The Final Chapter concludes the story of Alice as she travels to the zombie-infested hellscape of Raccoon City. There she aims to face down the Umbrella Corporation in one final confrontation and saves the few remaining survivors of the apocalypse.

The score to Resident Evil: The Final Chapter was composed by industry veteran Paul Haslinger. Following a successful run with the beloved electronic group Tangerine Dream, Haslinger has enjoyed a career in scoring for film and television, working on such projects as Fear The Walking Dead and the Underworld series. Both grand in scope and gritty in execution, the music of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter mixes traditional orchestral sounds with grinding guitars, moaning synths and the shadow of an industrial influence.
Sony Screen Gems is releasing Resident Evil: The Final Chapter in theaters on 01/27/2017

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