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Step Up All In Music By Jeff Cardoni

Jeff nailed it. He identified a tonal vocabulary for the film that hinges on understated, tasteful elegance—soulful performances, expressive chords, vivid instrumentation, and a respect for the viewers’ ability to understand the story (…). – Trish Sie, Director

Directed by Trish Sie, the 5th installment of the dance sensation brings together an all-star cast from the previous STEP UP films. In glittering Las Vegas, the crews battle for a victory that could define their dreams and their careers.

It includes an original orchestral score by Jeff Cardoni. Known for his work on CSI:Miami, Just Friends (New Line), Open Season 3 (Sony) and Firehouse Dog, the composer once again displays his musical versatility. Jeff composed a score that complements the energetic and powerful music of the dance numbers. His score carves out the romance and the emotional tension between characters and their stories. It is youthful and fresh, changing the pace from the hard-driving tracks in the dance scenes.

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