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2067 - Album Cover Art

2067 Music By Kenneth Lampl & Kirsten Axelholm

Directed by Seth Larney, 2067 is a science fiction thriller taking place on a near-future Earth on the verge of collapse. As the air on Earth becomes increasingly unbreathable, a message from the future sends a man on a dangerous mission to an unknown world in the hopes of saving the human race.  The film’s score arrives as a collaborative effort between composer Kenneth Lampl and pianist Kirsten Axelholm, who combine their strengths to create a continuous score that captures both the film’s high-stakes action as well as its moving storyline. 

In addition to studying under legendary film composer John Williams and scoring over 90 films, Kenneth Lampl applies his background as an orchestral composer, arranger and conductor to 2067. Working in tandem with Kirsten Axelholm, the music of 2067 figures as one continuous soundscape to the film, resembling an orchestral symphony rather than the more tradition score format.

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