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Ambushed Music By Michael Wickstrom, Justin Raines, Brian Jackson Harris

“This was my first collaboration with the composers. Our main goal was to capture the urban essence of Los Angeles. We also wanted to give a retro feel to the soundtrack. Almost like an homage to the ’80s. That’s why the use of sequencers. The music has been quintessential in delivering a fun, shoot-them-all, action-filled, witty and sexy movie.”
Giorgio Serafini, director
Giorgio Serafini is back with a new fast-paced thriller, this time set in the underworld of Los Angeles and starring Dolph Lundgren from The Expendables. Ruthless killers, drug traffickers and corrupt cops make life hard for Agent Maxwell and his associates.

Justin Raines, Brian Jackson Harris and Michael Wickstrom wrote an innovative and very engaging electronic score.

The film is released courtesy of Anchor Bay.

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