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Generation Iron Music By Jeff Rona

Generation Iron follows top bodybuilders as they train to compete in the Mr. Olympia competition. Directed by Vlad Yudin, Jeff Rona composed the music.

“It took over a year to complete the film – Generation Iron. It was a true journey into the world of professional bodybuilding and a study of the human dedication, stubbornness, emotion, confidence and struggle. The characters in this film are real people, who dedicate their lives to the world’s most intense and misunderstood sport.”
Vlad Yudin, Director

“But beneath the relentless effort they each put toward this elusive goal, I could also see the quiet fragility of these hyper-masculine icons. And that became the emotional center of the music. Moments of solitude, reflection, and both mental and physical dedication. Yes, it’s also a tense competition – and a big one. The personal stakes here are unimaginable.”
Jeff Rona, Composer

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