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Little Fish Music By Keegan DeWitt

Directed by Chad Hartigan , Little Fish tells the story of a couple who fights to hold their relationship together while a memory loss virus runs rampant and threatens to erase all memory of their love.

The evocative score is composed by Keegan DeWitt. Beyond DeWitt’s immersive orchestration, the 29-track album includes a number of notable guest appearances. In addition to starring on-screen, Soko lends her entrancing vocals to the eloquently dramatic See You In The Dark.  Elsewhere Lisa Liu and The Unison Orchestra add another dimension of elegance to I Was So Sad The Day I Met You,and Leah Zeger delivers emotional performances on The Beginning, Let’s Get Married, and The Letter.

Of the score,  Keegan DeWitt says, “Little Fish is truly unique in that it reunites me with two of my closest friends of almost 20 years: Director Chad Hartigan and Cinematographer Sean McElwee. Sean and Chad were my roommates when I first moved to LA, and we began dreaming of making movies together, driving through LA at night listening to our favorite music and dreaming really big. It’s a true refreshing joy to get to team up with them again, not only because we are friends, but because the collaborations with Chad are wide open in terms of score, and he lets me explore to my fullest. There are certain films that unlock something almost instantly for me musically, and I think that shows in our primary big string theme. It nods at my heroes Michael Nyman and Marjan Mozetich, and has a ‘lightning in a bottle’ feel, where every time you hear it, you’re instantly there with Olivia and Jack’s characters, clinging to memory and love, in a hopefully timeless way.”

Little Fish is available on SVOD courtesy of IFC on 02/05/2021

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