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The Secret In Their Eyes Music By Emilio Kauderer & Federico Jusid

The Secret In Their Eyes, this year’s Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Language Film, is a riveting Argentine thriller spiked with witty dialogue and poignant love stories. The film interweaves the personal lives of a team of state prosecutors with a manhunt spanning 25 years.

The film’s main character, Benjamin Esposito (Ricardo Darin), has spent his entire working life as a criminal court employee. Recently retired and with time on his hands, he decides to write a novel. He draws on his own past as a civil servant for a true, moving and tragic story he was once directly involved with.

The evocative soundtrack, scored by Emilio Kauderer and Federico Jusid, creates a powerful combination of music and visual elements. It captures the tension and romance of this richly layered film. The composers wrote a variety of cues, from soft tender moments featuring piano and violin solos to tense action sequences with riveting percussion.

The soundtrack was recorded with the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra and won several awards, among them for Best Original Score at the Argentinean Academy Awards.

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