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Tumbledown Music By Damien Jurado & Daniel Hart

Directed by Sean Mewshaw, Tumbledown tells the story of Hannah (Rebecca Hall), a young woman who struggles to move on with her life after the death of her husband, Hunter Miles, an acclaimed folk singer. A brash New York writer (Jason Sudeikis), obsessed with the artist, has a different take on her husband’s death and enters Hannah’s fragile life. The unlikely pair must collaborate to put together the famous singer’s story and begin to write the next chapter of their lives.

This beautiful and heartfelt film features an outstanding soundtrack curated by music supervisor Gary Calamar (Six Feet Under, True Blood) and centered on the music of the deceased artist Hunter Miles. Seattle-based singer/songwriter Damien Jurado lends his voice and writing talent to interpret the voice of Hunter Miles, contributing six original songs to Tumbledown. Tracks such as “Horizons”, “Maine Stays”, and “Little Jackson” become the unforgettable memories of Hunter Miles whom we never see in the film. The beautiful and simple songs play a haunting role throughout the film, symbolizing loss and sadness. Dallas-based musician Daniel Hart provides a folksy and guitar driven score which is the perfect companion to Damien Jurado’ songs. It offers the perfect musical setting for this Maine-based Americana story.

Starz Digital is releasing Tumbledown in New York and Los Angeles on February 5th. It will expand nationwide and On Demand on February 12.

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