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The Wilds Music By Cliff Martinez

The Wilds is a new original series airing on Amazon Prime. Written by Sarah Streicher , it tells the story of a group of teenage girls from radically different backgrounds who find themselves stranded on a remote island. They are unaware they have just become the subjects of an elaborate social experiment.

The series features a fantastic electronic score by acclaimed composer Cliff Martinez ( Drive, Only God Forgives, The Neon Demon , The Knick….) and Broken , a new original song by Empress Of

“The Wilds is a story about the odyssey of adolescence for ten young women. Not a subject I have a lot of familiarity with and it clearly perched me on the edge of my musical comfort zone. Nonetheless, I put on my teenage girl hat and embraced the challenge. For this score, I put aside my usual preoccupation with sparse instrumentation and stark undulating textures in favor of more traditional musical food groups such as…uh…harmony and melody! The resulting score to The Wilds is probably one of my most uniquely “musical” efforts.” – Cliff Martinez

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