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Black Mirror: Smithereens - Record Store Day Vinyl

Black Mirror: Smithereens (RSD Vinyl) Music By Ryuichi Sakamoto

RECORD STORE DAY EXCLUSIVE: On sale beginning Oct 24th.

This Record Store Day 2020 exclusive features tracks from acclaimed composer Ryuichi Sakamoto (The Revenant, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence) heard in “Smithereens” – the second episode of the fifth series of the anthology series Black Mirror. The cover art showcases an original design from Sakamoto’s long-time collaborator, Alva Noto.

The acclaimed episode was written by Charlie Brooker and directed by James Hawes. The episode first aired on Netflix, along with the rest of series five, on 5 June 2019. It stars Andrew ScottDamson Idris, and Topher Grace.

In the episode, a rideshare driver takes an employee of Smithereen, a large social media company, hostage. Unlike most other episodes, Brooker wanted Smithereens to not rely on near-future technology as a reminder that Black Mirror is not solely a science fiction show. It is largely a parable on the overactive usage of social media sites like Twitter, and how they distract society from the real world.

Legendary artist and composer Ryuichi Sakamoto produced the ambient and electronic score to Smithereens. His music plays a central role in the episode as it is at the core of the zen music playlist listened by the main protagonist.

The soundtrack is now available on all digital platforms:

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