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Breathing (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack From A Lost Film) Music By Electric Youth

Electric Youth is the electro/pop duo from Toronto who brought audience around the world the hit Real Hero featured in Nicolas Winding Refn‘s Drive (2011). Their debut album Inner World cemented the band’s reputation as a leading voice in the intricate mix of pop and electronic elements. Their music has become a unique mix of smart electronic instrumentalizakions by Austin Garrick and beautiful vocals by Bronwyn Griffin.
There has always been a cinematic element in the music of Electric Youth. Breathing is their official first score. This release is sub-titled an Original Motion Picture Soundtrack From A Lost Film as the gorgeous compositions didn’t end up in the film for various creative reasons. This score by Electric Youth stands on its own without images. Milan Records is proud to release the first score by Electric Youth. The result is exquisite mixing subtle electronic elements with live strings and the voice of Bronwyn used as an instrument. The album also features two original songs by Electric Youth, Where Did You Go and Still My Love.

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